At Soycain as the leader in organic in Africa, we engage ourself to offer you a stable and continuous supply with multiples controls steps. Our Soycain internal control team is offering various applications in order to ensure a perfect end product according to regulation (EC) No 834/2007 .

Starting at the base of farming, we manage each steps :

Training of farmers about Soycain and organic guideline,

Seed organic control and analysis in order to let our bio farmers work in good conditions and guarantee high-performance of yield and quality for the organic harvest.

Controls and advice during and post-harvest organic: a crucial moment for the success of a harvest.

Packing and processing of Organic Raw materiel: according to our HACCP and GMP, Soycain is proud to be the leader in Organic seed business and can guarantee

Export and delivery process quality measurement: Soycain is offering full traceability process, our client can following step by step all operations and it's a guarantee of arrival in time.


Labels and certifications offer to our clients the insurance of doing the right choose. HACCP(Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is fondation of our process, today we are also competing to guarantee GMP+ standard ( Feed Assurance Scheme ) better know as FCA or GMP+ Internationnal. For some food and feed organic product, we are also working to offer certification BRC Food version 8, (valided by Tesco, M&S, Sainsbury). Considering that we are following seed and products organic made by our farmers, we also setup our own Fair trade in order to guarantee that all farmers and employees are paid the right amounts.



Soycain is the leader of organic in africa. We are proud to offer possible supply with all the below labels :


Organic certification according to USDA following NOP (National Organic Program)
Most of our products are available according US organic certification, this is the guarantee of importer of organic seed and organic raw material from America but also for other third countries who don't have their own organic label as South-Asia importer of organic seed.

EU Organic certification :

The Organic certification according regulation (EC) No 834/2007 is the guarantee of respect of organic practices for European importer of seed and raw material as German, netherland , French, belgium or also Spanish Organic importer. All exported product are guarantee with Import certificate as COI valided by the Organic Importer of europe. In this way, our client are safe and guarantee to work with acreditate Organic certified company.

Organic China / Bio China :

Soycain is also proud to offer China Organic Product Certification according the guideline of China National Organic Product Standard GB/T 19630-2011
We follow the standard GB/T19630-2011 who insure that Soycain seed organic and dry fruits are exportable to china market in china mainland.

Soycain is establish on several different countries and is collaborating with different companies of certification bodies for Organic certification.
Some companies available for your certification :



Soycain is also involved in educating about organic practises, here small example of Organic pea growing guideline for new farmers.

In these pictures, we explain all the cycle of growing organic pea during one season, in summary images our trainers of organic farms are offering introduction of :

Organic seeding and weeding
What is a buffer area to avoid air contamination of pesticide spread in air
What is crop rotations in field producing organic peanut and next year organic white sorghum and following one organic sesame or organic pea.
Threshing properly on tarpaulin to avoid soil contamination,
What is sorting of raw material and how to obtain good quality.
How to store and keep organic raw material safely with african climate.

And on the other side what to specially prohibited by soycain.

All these little tributs are the basement of seed and organic materials of quality, in order to process them correctly and obtain high quality organic production from africa.

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