Canadian Organic Standards (COS) fonio, European organic standard EC fonio, German naturland organic standard EC fonio, Korean organic standard fonio, Japanese organic standard JAS fonio, Biosuisse organic standard Chain Monitor (SCM) fonio, Chinese organic standard COFCC fonio, National Organic Program (NOP) fonio.

Organic Fonio (Digitaria exilis)

Growed by tribut of IFE in Togo and Benin : Tchampinka , Ayoro, Iporlepiah, Trikpa , Ova . Fonio organic certified is used in everyday dishes from breakfast to dinner. It has a nutty taste. In grains, it is usually consumed in the form of couscous or salads. In the form of flour, it is integrated into organic cakes,breads and donuts. Renowned as a rather tasty cereal, its finesse and taste qualities make it a prime dish always served at festivals or important ceremonies in Africa.

How to prepare it ?
The cooking of fonio is simple: like rice or quinoa, fonio is easily cooked with water. In a saucepan, for a volume of fonio add 2 volumes and a half of water and a little salt. Boil, then cook over low heat, very soft, 7 to 10 minutes. Stir at the end at the fork to air and break any clumps and get the effect "couscous". Cooking at low heat is very important to maintain good grain flexibility. Taste to appreciate the cooking. If necessary, leave covered for a few more minutes.

    • 25, 50 kg PP bags
    • 1 Mts Tote big Bags
    • Bulk in container with Liner Bag
    • Possibilites of Private label bags


Nutritional value per 100 g

  • Energy : 506 Kj / 360 Kcal1
  • Fat : 1g
  • Of wich saturated : 0 (g)
  • Carbonhydrates : 80g
  • Of wich sugar : 0 (g)
  • Fibers : 2g
  • Protein : 8g
  • Salt : 0 (g)
  • Iron : 1,6 mg


  • wheat : absent
  • gluten : absent
  • egg : absent
  • milk : absent
  • nuts : absent
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