Palm Oil

Canadian Organic Standards (COS) Palm Oil, European organic standard EC Palm Oil, German naturland organic standard EC Palm Oil, Korean organic standard Palm Oil, Japanese organic standard JAS Palm Oil, Biosuisse organic standard Chain Monitor (SCM) Palm Oil, Chinese organic standard COFCC Palm Oil, National Organic Program (NOP) Palm Oil.

Organic Palm Oil (Elaeis guineensis Jacq.)

Organic Palm Seed and oil is certified according high standard following guide line of certisys belgium according European and NOP USDA. Soycain is also involving into seed purity Packing also available in different range, respecting FCA feed requirement. Soycain facility offer you also possibility of Organic Palm oil and Organic Palm cake extraction.

    • Origin : South of Benin
    • Packaging : Box, can


Nutritional value per 100 g

  • Energy : 3760 kj / 900 Kcal
  • Fat : 100 g
  • Of wich saturated : 49.5 g
  • Carbonhydrates : ND
  • Of wich sugar : ND
  • Fibers : ND
  • Protein : ND
  • Salt : ND


  • wheat : absent
  • gluten : absent
  • egg : absent
  • milk : absent
  • nuts : absent
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